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If you look up the most important NYC construction projects in the past forty five years, chances are you'll find Sciame.

The backstory means a lot to us here. Kevin, the PW Director worked at an agency that built Sciame’s old site in 2010. When that company suddenly folded, he continued directly supporting the Sciame team and keeping in touch until it was time to rebuild – eight years later. It was an honor to be chosen amidst other big-agency alternatives.









Audit. Sciame’s existing site was built on antiquated code, and was not optimized for modern browsers and devices. They wanted to take this opportunity to not only improve the site from a technical level, but to better showcase their company’s portfolio as one of the premier architecture firms in NYC. We began with research, including internal and competitive analysis.


Content. Our thesis for the project was that “people build buildings.” We wanted to create a cohesive story between Sciame’s leadership, their projects, and the corresponding awards – which are numerous.

This required meticulous mapping and collaboration with the Sciame team to determine which categories to present, which projects to feature and how the principal staff would be incorporated. Following a proper process in this stage allowed us to tailor a design solution that readily fits the content requirements and overall goal.


Design. As you might expect from a premier architecture firm, Sciame wanted to ensure a level of elevated simplicity. The sitemap was deliberately minimized so that the entire site would be easy to navigate on desktop and mobile.

From our review of their traffic analytics and sales process, we understood that the key goal of the design was to beautifully showcase their project portfolio. This lead us towards stunning visuals, multi-media support and lots of whitespace so that things didn’t get crowded.

Our process always begins with two concepts, and we refined those until we reached a final decision.


Development. Executing Sciame’s chosen design concept was a detail-driven process that needed to be robust in handling a variety of content files.

One of the common challenges with architecture and building sites is how to work with strong vertical and horizontal images simultaneously, without compromising impact. Additionally, Sciame wanted to incorporate the ability to add multi-media into the project portfolios to expound on their building accomplishments.

Sciame is making strides in social media, and wanted custom Instagram feeds that filter and apply images for each appropriate project. As mentioned above, connectivity in the user-experience was a key goal so that their team, project and award content would be seamlessly integrated.

As with all of our projects, the site was designed to be responsive across devices and tested for browser compliance across all major platforms.


Launch & Support. Sciame is a high-quality organization that thoroughly vets everything that it produces. We worked closely with their marketing team through multiple layers of leadership approval until we were approved for launch.

Post-launch, we continue to work with Sciame to ensure regular security and compliance updates as well as performing content updates as they continue to evolve.