A High-End Construction Website Looks the Part



Landmark Retail Corp. wanted a high-end construction website to build massive confidence in their team and prospects, while serving as an everyday sales tool.

We specialize in serving the enterprise real estate and construction industries, so we knew just what to do to elevate the site to the level of distinction LRC needs.

high-end construction website beforehigh-end construction website after








Audit. Landmark felt that their website didn’t accurately reflect the powerhouse projects that they were producing. It didn’t tell a cohesive story about their attention to detail and didn’t position them as a premier developer of high-end retail stores around the country.

high-end construction website audit
high-end construction website project


Content. Better photography is the foundation of a more visually-powerful website. It doesn’t matter how good the brand, layout, typography or any other element is – if the photos are terrible, you’re dead in the water.

Wisely, Landmark contracted a photographer to visit all of their existing showcase projects and announced an internal initiative to procure all the best photos from their projects.

We also connected them with a PR writer, who combed through their copy for consistency and impact.


Design. Urban retail construction tends to focus on interiors, so instead of depicting the usual heavy equipment, we drew inspiration from interior design companies.

Ultimately, yes – absolutely, LRC is a construction company that can bulldoze with the best of ’em. But by dialing in a more sophisticated color palette, understating and muting certain elements, and curating the best project photos, their new site gives their work an opportunity to speak in a powerful way.

Lastly, we wanted to ensure a streamlined user experience. Content is interlinked across the site, connecting clients to their projects and allowing users to succinctly find what they’re looking for.

high-end construction website-design
high-end construction website-map


Development. The site is build in WordPress, giving LRC the perfect platform to easily adapt and grow the site to accommodate their future needs.

Their portfolio is custom-configured to display projects in what we determined to be the most logical way, and new projects can be added any time by non-technical users.

As a design detail, we coded a custom Google map for them to showcase their projects around the country, again giving them the flexibility to add and label map points as they continue to grow.

We made a just-before-launch decision to incorporate a video at the top of the home page. The flexibility of WordPress allows them to incorporate essentially any kind of media, anywhere.


Launch. We collaborated with LRC’s internal IT team to gain appropriate access and launch the site on its new server. They made the highly-recommended choice for us to continue supporting their website and since launch we’ve added new content, tried some of their ideas and improved elements based on their goals.

Our launch process includes a comprehensive checklist that ensures the smoothest, best-practice launch that we can offer – including assurance that the site looks great across all browsers and devices.

high-end construction website-launch