Was Your Website Ready For Covid-19?

During the Covid-19 quarantine, we saw a growing divide between companies that are rising to the top of their industries vs. those that are scrambling to catch up.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” ~Chinese Proverb

As a company that provides website services, we are as busy as ever during the Covid-19 quarantine. Coinciding with that, we are seeing a growing divide between companies that are rising to the top of their industries vs. those that are scrambling to catch up. Let’s take a closer look.

Objects in Motion Tend to Stay in Motion

We like to think that websites are like gardens. If they are well-planned and well-maintained, then a good harvest is inevitable. In general, everything related to websites comes down to traffic and conversions. You must draw a large enough volume of visitors, and have the enticing message to turn that into a phone call, form submissions, purchase, engagement, etc.

There are a lot of ways to grow traffic, but in general let’s call it organic and paid. Organic traffic comes from “free” things that you do for the site: blogging, social posting, email marketing, etc that lead people to visit. Paid is (no surprise) advertising and other purchased exposure to bring prospective customers.

Our clients that have healthy blogging and organic traffic programs saw a small dip at the onset of quarantine and have otherwise immediately recovered and in most cases grown their volume. They have leveraged the fact that many people have more down time than usual, and have used social media or emails to promote their content – they are winning. Their existing momentum makes this easy.

Clients with no organic program and no paid traffic experience are immediately disadvantaged. They don’t have the site traffic, or the social following, or mailing lists to promote with any efficacy. This almost certainly defaults them into the paid traffic space, where they are now competing with everyone else in their industry who didn’t put in the foundation to control online market share. It’s a literal race to the bottom.

Process, Process, Process

In times of crisis, leadership matters – and so does workflow. We offer an optional support plan to all of our clients, to keep an ongoing dialogue on how to maximize the value of their websites. When the quarantine hit, we were immediately available for those clients, making updates and announcing new service offerings same-day or next day. Clients without support plans or existing workflows unfortunately spun their wheels, delayed and eventually had many of their ideas fizzle out internally.

The learning curve of how to leverage their website was too great for them to manage in a time of crisis.

The Best Got Better

Our clients that invested in a support plan quickly found their traffic rebounding from the initial hit of quarantine, and many were able to capitalize on audiences that were looking for engagement. Additionally, quickly adding services related to Covid-19 pushed them to lead in their search engine authority. Let’s look at some winners:



Howard is a writer, teacher, and social-work advocate who professionally reports for the Jerusalem Post among other global publications. One of the core goals of our support plan is to build an archive of his 300+ articles written over the past years.

While new assignments were on hold, he started using social media to feature older work “from the archive.” Because he is in a support plan with us, we were able to coordinate traffic reports with him to confirm the impact of his efforts. It gives him a clear picture to see what is working for him, and through which channel.

Howard had the idea that in addition to creating posts for his formal content, he wanted a means of posting quick updates to the site – similar to a social media post. After a short testing period, we set him up with a method of posting to his blog via email so that he can have immediate updates without engaging our team.

As with all sites working with us through support plans, his site remains secure, device-compliant and following all best-practice standards. Way to go Howard!



Landmark Retail Corp (LRC) specializes in Construction, Maintenance and Management of retail stores, nationwide. As you might expect, the quarantine put many of their projects on-hold, but the need for disinfection services became a top priority for their core clients and many others.

They sent us a prospectus of their new offering, and we were able to turn that into a completely new, targeted service page within 24 hrs. Using specific keywords relating to high-demand cleaning chemicals helped to build their authority as a premier leader in this new market. The page became their top piece of content almost immediately. It gave them an easily shareable, online marketing asset to keep their sales momentum.

It’s not too late to get in the game.

Though we are on the tail end of quarantine, our society has changed. We continue greater and greater dependency on websites and social media to begin our business interactions. The future is being lead and won by those that read the writing on the wall and ACT on it.

Our support plans were created because we saw entirely too many “set it and forget it” website launches. Huge efforts were placed into an initial deployment, and then the sites were abandoned and never thought of again.

By offering a low monthly investment, we guarantee a block of time dedicated to our clients and we actively provide them with an analytical feedback loop to guide what’s going well (or not) online.

Contact our Director Kevin Sterling to see if our plans are right for you.

kevin@pixelwilderness.com | 845.533.3309